Client Success Story

Chicago Public Schools



When federal mandates for the No Child Left Behind Act were established, school districts nationwide became individually responsible for implementing the necessary provisions. The Chicago Public School system, with over 600 schools and just over 400,000 students, needed to efficiently implement these changes with minimal budgetary impact.


Efficiently implement changes set forth by the No Child Left Behind Act by electronically tracking teacher credentials as required by law.


The initiative to achieve full enterprise integration ranged from the thorough assessment of user needs, to task analysis and investigation of current system configurations. Risetime then crafted a practical business process workflow that could easily facilitate the transition and completion of combined effort tasks.

The final product delivered a single, centralized data solution capable of providing easy access to critical information. Supported by web-based utilities, valuable reporting tools were further added to provide convenient access to reliable information. The reports generated would benefit parents and teaching faculty alike, and became centric to the strong communication plan the district had hoped to achieve.


In addition to compliance with new federal regulations, Chicago Public Schools achieved the following benefits from implementing the Educator Qualification System:

  • An acceptance rate of 95% by the district's teachers upon implementation.
  • Prioritization of budget spending and investment to teachers' professional development.
  • Cumulative savings with each audit process through automation.
  • Avoidance of potential funding penalties of up to $275MM for manual auditing errors.
  • Accountability for missing or incomplete file elements or credentials.

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