Client Success Story




The IT systems at Motorola are critical to supporting their retail clients and managing the business. Motorola turned to Risetime to provide senior, experienced resources including Senior Technical Architects, Senior Projects Managers, and Senior Business Analysts, to help them achieve critical business objectives.


The strategic business goals and benefits of the Risetime projects included:

Enabling end-to-end visibility into the mobile device service and repair process to improve operational efficiency, reduce repair cycle time, reduce inventory, and ultimately drive down service and repair costs.

Realizing significant 30+% reduction in global ERP enterprise storage footprint and recurring costs with no impact to business application availability and performance.

Enabling business strategies for consolidation and regional on-boarding of claims/warranty processing to a centralized global claims/warranty processing system supporting required capacity and growth in transaction volumes with no performance degradation or reduction in service levels.


A few of the projects Risetime has completed for Motorola Mobile Devices include:

Global CRM Platform: Led the solution architecture team, provided technical due-diligence and solution technical guidance to assure successful build and deployment of best-of-breed Oracle Enterprise Siebel 8 CRM Solaris platform for Motorola Mobile Devices global service and repair network.

Global ERP Order Management: TCO assessment of as-is global ERP enterprise storage systems to identify cost reduction opportunities which could significantly lower storage operating costs with no impact to business application availability. As part of this initiative provided cost optimized enterprise storage solution architecture, revised business continuity plan and disaster recovery strategy with supporting business case, cost/benefit analysis, and technical risk assessment for solution strategy execution.

Global Claims and Warranty Processing: The global claims system processes and validates 2,000,000 mobile device repair claims a month. Risetime delivered a detailed technical performance assessment, technology risk analysis and provided solution architecture for upsizing global mission-critical IBM/AIX pSeries/Oracle DB based system to support on-boarding of claims processing for Asia and Latin American regions.


Risetime has successfully completed more than a dozen different projects for Motorola and continues to provide technical leadership and project management expertise. Additionally, Risetime has provided program management, technical leadership, and business analysis in the proposed solutions to Motorola, while continually focusing on the clients’ return on IT investments. Motorola has repeatedly recognized Risetime's ability to deliver projects on time, and on (or under) budget.

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